Adam Diggle


Adam is a highly skilled vocal impersonator with David Attenborough, Donald Trump, Morgan Freeman, Brian Blessed, Bear Grylls, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Professor Brian Cox, Chris Eubank Snr, Boris Johnson, King Charles, Ian Mckellen and Matthew McConaughey being just some of the voices he has mastered.

Adam is always updating and adding to his impressions repertoire so if you require a celebrity voice for your project, chances are Adam can deliver it!

See below for examples of past projects where Adam has embodied another human being, as well as his impersonation voice-reel.

Diggle1 ยท Adam Diggle Impressions Reel

David Attenborough and Nicolas Cage Impersonations for ‘QED’

David Attenborough Impersonation for ‘The Sketch Bank’